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The Great Health Insurance Quandry

People with good health and plenty of money don't see a health care problem.
People living in poverty with no insurance don't see health care.

If you don't need health care, it doesn't matter.

If you need health care, it matters.

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  • Present the greatest challenges your business or industry faces today.
  • Showcase the founder of your business or a leader in your industry 
  • ​Profile an outstanding employee with a great safety record 
  • Explain why safety standards matter--with examples 
  • ​Predict where your industry is headed and where your business is going with it
  • ​Highlight the main success factors in your business
  • Tell the story of how your business got its start
  • ​Describe the benefits of working in your city, state, or community 
  • Warn the reader about work-related hazards
  • ​Talk about the joy, fun, and amusement of your work and life​ in general